A recurrent sound of water filling up the tank of the toilet regardless if it’s in use or not. Recognise that?  This common household issue is called a “running toilet” and it’s a sound that most of us will have heard at least once in our lifetimes.
Many homeowners may go months, if not years, without having this issue fixed or even looked at by a certified plumber, believe us when we say this can be costly! This is actually an internal water leak and unless you want a whopping water bill due to the gallons of water being wasted, don’t ignore this hoping it will just ‘go away’.
There are a number of reasons why this can happen to some toilets and not others.  The toilet flapper could have cracks or decay, the chain connected to the flapper could be insufficient, or the toilet tank float ball and float arm may not be working correctly.  The tank of the toilet is a complex piece of kit, so it’s always best to have a certified and experienced plumber diagnose and fix the issue.
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