Following on from our previous article on Low Water Pressure, we wanted to provide an understanding of what High Water Pressure is all about and how it can affect you. High pressure can damage plumbing fixtures, which may cause flooding. The main causes of high water pressure are listed below.

  • Trapped air in your water pipes can temporarily increase water pressure. Run your taps for a few minutes and this should release this air.
  • Re-configuring the water supply network when water is moved round to wherever it is needed, sometimes changing the supply route. Normal supply will be returned very quickly in most cases.
  • If you’ve just moved to a new area it could be that your water pressure may feel higher than you were previously used to.

Water companies should make sure that high water pressure does not cause damage to a customer’s property if the customer’s fittings meet normal standards. It’s likely that your local water company will practice ‘water pressure management’.

In layman’s terms this is simply making sure that the water pressure in the pipes is suitable for your everyday use but not at a level that it causes a leak or burst. Water pressure in your pipes will depend on a number of factors including:

  • how long the pipe is that brings the water from the nearest reservoir or storage point to your property
  • the local geography, do you live in a flat region or are you surrounded by hills
  • how high above sea level the reservoir is compared to your property
  • how much water is being used by you and your neighbours

The benefits of water pressure management:

  • Pipes last longer
  • Water supplies are more reliable with fewer interruptions
  • Reduced need for excavation work to get at broken mains
  • You save on water and energy costs – kerching!
  • Lower leakage
  • Last but not least, we all save precious water

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