We wanted to share with you what we believe could be the top plumbing myths of all time…..


MYTH: A Leaky Faucet won’t cost me that much….surely?
Not only can a small leak cost you big money, but it’s also bad for the environment. Think of the dry summer that we had in 2018.  Water shortages are becoming a big problem in certain parts of the world so it’s a good idea to have a faucet leak fixed as soon as possible.


MYTH: Anything Can Go Down the Waste Disposal unit
Not everything and that’s where people often get this wrong. There’s a long list of things that don’t belong in there such fibrous foods, egg shells, grease and carcasses to mention a few. You might be surprised but even pasta and rice aren’t best placed in here! Make it easier on yourself and reduce the possibility of having to call out your friendly plumbing professional – throw what shouldn’t be in there in the bin.


MYTH: Flush Disposable Wipes down the Toilet
Unfortunately, many wipes are not biodegradable the same way that toilet paper is even though they may be advertised as ‘flushable’. Over time these can completely clog up your pipes. Better be safe, throw them in the rubbish.


MYTH: A Plunger Can Unclog Anything
This has to be the biggest myth of all. Most of us have used a plunger to deal with a small clogging issue, however if a small clog isn’t dealt with properly, it could get worse and cause an overflow which is the last thing you want to have to deal with. time your plumber makes a visit, ask for instructions on how to use a plunger.